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We make nourishing moisturisers with natural ingredients suitable for people with eczema and dry skin conditions
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Dermazeam - natural skin renewing cream

 "I have just started using Dermazeam for my daughters Eczema. It’s that good, I’ve  only had to use it a few times! It also smells  AMAZING!!!!"  

 - Ashleigh Holloway  

Lavender Fields

About  Carol

Qualified Naturopath,

Qualified Nutritionist, and Clinical Aromatherapist.

At home in my kitchen in 2015, I developed my first homemade moisturiser to treat my teenage daughter's eczema flare ups. Having tried the traditional steroid creams with little to no success, I began studying clinical aromatherapy in hopes that a natural alternative would be kinder to her skin and help to relieve the itching and discomfort.

The nourishing plant-based ingredients helped to eliminate her eczema flare-ups and with the help of a healthy plant-based diet, we were able to win the battle with her eczema. It's now my mission to share these plant-based wonders with people. who just like us, tried conventional creams and now want to give natural solutions a try


Carol's Kitchen Documentary

Watch a 10-minute Documentary on Plant-Based Health and Body Care featuring Carol Fraser.

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