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After my daughter suffered many bouts of illness, I was forced to quit work to care for her. Determined to support her and find a solution to aid her recovery, I began to search for ways of improving her diet, and I began learning how to grow organic food for our family. I volunteered on a 12-acre farm in Chingford and took up horticultural studies and then took further studies to support others on food growing programs. Now, I volunteer in my local community on food growing projects and deliver workshops and delicious, nutritious vegan cookery classes.


Through researching food nutrition; I learned a variety of new skills that have enabled me to transform our whole families' health. I've taken the holistic approach; making my own deodorants using raw organic natural ingredients and essential oils as well as hair cream with various beneficial base oils, body creams, and facial scrubs. I successfully managed to keep my daughter's eczema under control with her healing balms, cleared eczema discolouration on her body and improved her skin tone and texture and the illness plaguing my daughter appears to be under control.  I am also a keen cook and create organic energising, nutritional vegan food recipes.


My food journey is a prime example of my transformation from an obese asthmatic having healed a large internal inflammation almost resulting in surgery to a healthier, happier body with vigor and more energy than I have felt since my early 20’s.

I am now keen to share my knowledge, creativity and new found healing culinary skills with others.




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