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After many bouts of illness, I was forced to quit work to care for my daughter. Determined to support her and find a solution to aid her recovery I began to search for ways of improving her diet through learning how to grow organic food for our family.

Through researching food nutrition. I learned a variety of new skills that have enabled me to make a transformative impact on our whole families health. Now, I volunteer in my local community on food growing projects and deliver workshops and delicious, nutritious vegan cookery classes.

“My food journey is a prime example of my transformation from an obese asthmatic having healed a large internal inflammation almost resulting in surgery to a healthier happier body with vigour and more energy than I have felt since my early 20’s. 

I am now keen to share my knowledge, and creativity and new found healing culinary skills with others."



- Carol Organic

My Specialties


Digestive Wellness

Healing Foods

Healthy Cooking / Meal Planning

Diet and Detoxification

Alkaline Diet

Ancient Grains

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 July 2016