My Campaign to Promote Urban Vitality and Wellbeing in My Community

Urban Vitality and Wellbeing was a project I implemented over a three month series of holistic workshops promoting good health. Funded by the Community Chest Fund part of a Big Local Program for local residents I was able to reach out to people promoting a natural nutritional diet, demonstrating how to make natural creams and essence oils, making our own herbal infusions and giving information on the uses and benefits of herbs for health and encompassing the holistic approach in promoting and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

In this video I demonstrate alternative approaches to leading a healthier lifestyle and eventually took participants on a literal journey to their local growing project on Phoenix Farm as part of the last leg of the educational process on how food is grown using organic methods.

The workshops generated much interest with a need to fill a gap in providing practical demonstrations and sharing real life experiences improving of how I improved my health and my family which resulted in participants making genuine changes and improvements in their quest to improving their eating habits and having a better understanding of foods that heal and nourish the body.

Video: My Story

From here I continue the journey to better health continuously sharing my skills, knowledge and experience by running workshops for individuals, organisations and families seeking to understand the benefits of healthier living and make the transition to better eating habits and/or wanting to learn how to start up growing programmes or simply in need of a mentor to teach on how to 'grow your own' even in the smallest of growing spaces.

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