Heath Check, Personal Health Trainer And Nutrition Assesment

Event Date: 2nd & 9th February 2017

You must be aged between 40-74 years old. Be a resident of Hammersmith & Fulham borough only and be registered with a GP.

Have none of the following Complaints, diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol.

Sessions are to be booked online at www.carolsorganickitchen.com/nutritionservices for a 30 mins slot during the hours of 10am - 3pm If you do not fit the above criteria for this meetup, but wish to book a nutritional assesment only you can do so by visiting www.carolsorganickitchen.com/nutritionservices, this service is open to ALL 18yrs and above, you will be contacted via email and follow up telephone call.

However, the service we are offering at this meetup is inclusive of a free health check and personal health trainer to guide you through your health goals and only available to Hammersmith & Fulham Residents. After the festive season we all want to make healthier choices and make changes but need that extra support to keep us on track and maintain better health. This service will offer you the help and support you need and guide you to gaining a holistic approach to your wellbeing. NHS Health Trainers are working in collaboration with www.carolsorganickitchen.com

We can help you:

* Be more active * Eat a healthy diet * Give up smoking * Reduce your stress levels * Cut down on drinking alcohol * Improve your emotional wellbeing * Free 1-2-1 support for residents * Discuss lifestyle and eating habits and set your personal health goals.

This 30 min health check includes an additional 30 min nutritional assesment which must be booked online (see website address below) before attending this Meetup REGISTER ONLINE to avoid disappointment.

(Please also RSVP here for this Meetup page). Please book by googling the web address below for your nutrition assesment www.carolsorganickitchen.com/nutritionservices

What you will get:

A lifestyle assesment.

Full body composition measuring height, waist measurement, weight check plus BMI calculation. Blood profile to test cholesterol, cardiovascular risk and diabetes. (This will involve a quick and tiny needle prick to the finger carried out safely and hygienicly by a trained NHS health trainer).

Blood pressure reading.

A personalised report and action plan where appropriate. *Results are available on the day and the checks will take approx 30 mins.

HOW TO BOOK Please ensure you have booked your nutrition assesment via the link below to secure your place on this Meetup.

2nd February 2017: http://bit.ly/2kq0pOq

9th February 2017: http://bit.ly/2kUpON3

The cost of your nutrition assesment is heavily discounted at £30 per person. To register for this Meetup and book your slot for your health check. For your nutrition assesment appointment date please call Carol on 07530824751.

You must also RSVP on the meetup page here and book your health check by googling www.carolsorganickitchen.com/nutritionservices pay for your nutrition assesment and reserve your 30 min slot for your health check.

Any queries; call Carol 07530824751.

ONCE YOU HAVE BOOKED your 30min slot and purchased your initial nutrition assesment you will recieve email confirmation.

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