Understanding Healing Foods and Disease Prevention Workshop - April 29

Having worked on case studies with people suffering from lifestyle complaints and experienced healing from alkaline foods and keeping my daughter's illness under control and curing her eczema, I am often contacted to help, guide, and support and provide information on how to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. With this in mind I am running this workshop in aid of "World Health Day". This workshop is designed to increase your confidence in taking control of your wellbeing and equip you with the tools to taking your health to the next level. This is a practical hands-on session, not just a lecture, as you will feast on, experience and explore delicious new foods and herbs by their various textures, taste and smell, whilst understanding their marvellous benefits and why they are most optimal for your health. Through discussion we will dispel a lot of the myths of foods on the market today and you will leave feeling more empowered to make better informed decisions when choosing the right foods.

In this workshop you will:

- Understand about alkaline foods and disease prevention. - Learn how to increase the body's ability to absorb minerals and other nutrients. - Learn about the energy production in the cells. - Gain the ability to repair damaged cells. - Understand the ability to detoxify heavy metals. - Increase your ability to lose weight and fat.

If you want to gain more energy, boost your immune system, fight disease, lose weight, increase your metabolism and have healthier skin or on a journey to improving your health or simply curious and wish to learn more about how to improve your wellbeing and maintain good health, then this workshop is for you.

The workshop will take place on Saturday, April 29, 2017 from 1 pm to 3 pm.

Location: Edward Woods Community Centre Norland Road, London, W11 4TX

To book your place now and register for this workshop please RSVP here and pay £15 in advance via the PayPal link to secure your booking.

Here are some reviews:

“Carol is an amazing soul, very friendly, approachable and knowledgeable; she is an endless source of inspiration. I thoroughly enjoyed her Urban Vitality and Wellbeing workshops”. ~ Marisa Al

"Carol's Organic Kitchen has been a real eye-opener for me personally.

What I learned was cutting out non-organic foods has helped me with my rheumatoid arthritis. Following her recipes has improved my situation. The sooner she gets a shop going the better!" ~ Howard Johnson

“I am so grateful for Carol's 1:1 consultation service. With her fantastic knowledge and support I have been able to fine tune my diet to be more alkaline, optimise digestion and feel more energised. Following Carol's suggestions I also explored why I ate each food which was revolutionary for me as I had been prone to comfort eating, bloating and acid reflux. I can happily say that all of that is a thing of the past now. Making the commitment to do this has been life changing”. ~ Lizzie Adams

I look forward to sharing knowledge and health wisdom with you.

Love and Light,

Carol Organic

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