Struggling with Overeating? Here's How I Beat It

Strangely enough our bodies will dictate how much it needs. I struggled with the need to feel full and it made me feel bloated, uncomfortable and sluggish and eventually I hated always feeling full.

Having changed my diet to plant based foods I get greater satisfaction from my meals plus knowing I am eating well but the best part is when eating I don't go beyond feeling satisfied because my body wants to stop, and I feel lighter but full enough to stop.

There are times I may be tempted to go beyond that feeling, particularly at buffets but that is rare now as I find when I have my enjoyment of that meal it has left me feeling it was just too much and I want that feeling to pass quickly to resume a feeling of being able to be in control again. Just one other thing to say about buffets. I can indulge but I find I eat smaller plates than I used to and remarkably I feel satisfied. I say remarkably because

I would have never believed smaller portions would give me the satisfaction I feel now without feeling hungry. When the body is functioning well it dictates what you need automatically. I guess it's true when we say 'eyes bigger than our bellies'. One way to test this is eat slow.

Tip: When you feed the body with minerals, ensuring you are consuming the core minerals

  • Calcium

  • Magnesium

  • Iodine

  • Zinc

  • Selenium

  • Manganese and more, you also feed the brain. A healthy mind is a happy body and once nourished you overcome extreme hunger and sugar cravings.


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