I'm Helping My Mother Turn the Clock Back on Her Health

Recently, my mother experienced a food poisoning scare and thankfully she is OK and willing to take her health more seriously. Thanks to a herbal blood cleanse mixture, this regulated her blood pressure and stopped the severe vomiting and diarrhoea so she was able to return home the next morning and is doing well whilst still taking the herbal mixture.

She has been stubborn about change, as we can all be at times, as this can be scary and a big step which takes strength, belief and confidence to reach the end goal. Understandably she has been very sceptical of the concept of a holistic approach to her health conditions as they are completely rendering her housebound.

My mother suffers with COPD, high blood pressure, borderline diabetes, asthma and is morbidly obese. These conditions come with a multitude of symptoms at times bringing down her mood, but finally she feels brave enough to take a firm step forward to make changes, which is not an easy decision for her, as her low moods have often made her feel like giving up, but now she feels ready with my unconditional love, help and support to guide her to a better place in taking control of her wellbeibg.

With her permission, I am sharing this with you so we can all learn more about how a holistic approach to our health can make an impact for the better and to experience her wellbeing journey.

One of her biggest challenges is to quit smoking. This is due to stress and frustration. As you can imagine this is far more detrimental to her health due to her chronic lung condition. Yesterday (Monday) I did not say a word when she lit up one after the other as I put this down to anxiety. It is a great step for her and she is understandably nervous and anxious about whether this approach will give her a better quality of life... and to be honest this is a big call for me too as I so want to see her happier again.

Thank you for your interest in this story. For more information on healing foods, and updates on my mother's introduction to a healthy diet; visit the Urban Vitality and Wellbeing Facebook Group here.

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