How to Make Your Own Natural Stain Spray If You're Asthmatic and Sensitive to Aerosol Chemicals

If you suffer from asthma or sensitive to chemical sprays and aerosols; this natural stain spray might be the answer...

The closest non-toxic alternative I’ve found to stain removal sprays is this homemade version. It takes under two minutes to make, and can be kept by the washing machine for easy use. I first discovered how effective this was when removing turmeric stains from my sister's kitchen counter - she was very impressed! :D

Natural Stain Remover Ingredients

1 3/4 cup of water 5 drops of Tea Tree oil A 16 ounce spray bottle Natural Stain Remover Instructions

Put the water into the spray bottle. Add the Tree. Place lid on bottle and swirl gently to combine. Spray on stains and leave for 1-5 mins to help remove even tough stains.


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