Turning the Clock Back on My Mother's Health Health (Part 2)

I mentioned in an earlier blog that after a recent bout of illness my mother has allowed me to alter her diet in order to improve her health. It's week 4, and this is the result of my mother's fridge makeover.

In 4 weeks alone; an organic plant based diet, and a herbal mixture for lung health has caused a tremendous change in my mother's health.

Her Health Conditions Are:

  • COPD

  • High Blood pressure

  • Morbidly obese

  • Borderline diabetic

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Restricted mobility (wheelchair user/house bound)

Results due to diet change:

  • Significant reduction in bringing up mucus from the lungs and breathing is less laboured.

  • 16 pound weight loss.

  • Energy increase

  • Mood enhanced

  • Increased.movement of upper body

  • Increased strength in legs - ability to stand aided for longer.

  • Dizziness subsided due to more oxygen to brain.

  • Sleep more regulated - afternoon nap and 6-7 hours throughout the night.

  • Reduced blood pressure

  • No current concerns with blood sugar levels.

It's great to see some progress and my mother is occasionally finding it difficult to change old habits but she is seeing the benefits and continuing to cooperate.

Further updates to follow.


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