This Tropical Green Will BOOST Your Immune System and More

Here is a tropical green that has lots of nutrients to nourish your body.

Origins – Callaloo is a plant that grows in the Caribbean and also in other tropical places in the world such as Puerto Rico, Jamaica (Very Well Known in Jamacia), Dominican Republic, Trinidad, Virgin Islands, Philippines, Florida, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific.

Other Names – In the Caribbean, it is also called malanga and the roots are eaten. It is also called Xanthosoma roseum and Chinese Spinach.

Nutritional Benefits – A 1/2 cup of cooked Callaloo leaves contain less than 50 calories, 6.5 mg of fibre, over 300 mg of calcium, over 500 mg of potassium, over 3 mg of iron, over 3.5 mg of protein, and some sodium.

Callaloo contains 4 times the amount of calcium found in broccoli and twice the iron. IT also contains Vitamin C for boosting up your immune system, B Vitamins for good mood and vitality, and Vitamin A which is a great antioxidant.

Great Protein – Callaloo is full of protein such as arginine, histidine, cysteine, leucine, isoleucine, lysine, phenylalanine, methionine, tryptophan, valine, glutamic acid, alanine, aspartic acid, glycine, praline, plus tyrosine and serine. As a good source of protein; it’s great for building muscle.

Fibre – The fibre in Callaloo helps to prevent constipation and create a good environment for the growth of pro-biotic bacteria thus boosting your immune system.

Taste – Callaloo tastes similar to spinach but with a creamy consistency.

Lots of Antioxidants – Callaloo contains lots of powerful antioxidants to boost your immune system and prevent DNA damage. Also helps to prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, and is known to be anti-carcinogenic


Callaloo can also be juiced getting all the great green chlorophyll that is very healing.

How to Use it – Callaloo can be cooked just about anything dish where you would use spinach. It can be cooked with okra, coconut milk, and hot peppers for a very tasty dish. Callaloo makes a great veggie lasagne and can be used in casseroles and other dishes such as dips, soups, even rice dishes of all kinds.

Where to Find it – You can find Callaloo in Asian and Caribbean Markets.

Easy to Grow – Callaloo is easy to grow in areas that have lots of rain. I will be planting some Callaloo in my garden after the summer, but Callaloo can also grow in warm areas, all year round.


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