Turning the Clock Back on My Mother's Health (Part 3)

I'm losing count of the weeks but it's almost 8 weeks and my mother continues to go from strength to strength!

Today I managed to wheel her into the kitchen and she was able to transfer from her wheelchair to an adapted chair to cook her own meal today using a mobile gas ring for more ease.

I cannot remember when she was able to do this as she has been extremely heavy and suffered with poor lung health and therefore not enough oxygen was going to her brain causing her dizziness and instability. But now look at her! She's a real trooper

Further progress this week:

Ability to raise herself to standing point with more ease and less hesitation.

Confidence to be more independent has increased.

Able to mobilise her upper and lower body weight more freely.

No more fall risks due to substantial body weight loss.

Mood enhanced feeling more elevated and energy levels increased.

Sugar free! Fat free! Nicotine free - addictions kicked!!!!

She enjoyed dressing her kitchen table with her lovely flowers and vases...such a mum thing to do!

She's also loving our daily morning walks and coconut milk chai tea at her favourite French cafe.


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