The 5 Best Natural Herbs That Fight Allergies

August; for some, the sun allows them to have a great time with friends and family members. For others, it means a month of hay fever and struggling with allergies. If you fall into the latter category, I feel for you and know how hard it can be. For this reason, I’ve decided to compile a list of completely natural herbs you can use to fight allergies so you don’t have to hide away for weeks on end!

Horehound - If you’ve not heard of this herb previously, you aren't alone yet it remains as one of the most widely consumed herbs in the UK. Why? Because it can be found in the majority of cough drops. As well as dealing with chest congestion, horehound can also be a valuable tool to have by your side when suffering with allergies.

Nowadays, you can buy horehound but you need to be sure you’re getting a reliable and legitimate source of the plant. If you’re to search the term online, you can guarantee a significant amount that shows is poor-quality (at best). With this in mind, I recommend sticking to trustworthy sources and remember to read customer reviews.

Stinging Nettle - As an anti-histamine, stinging nettle will prevent inflammation and reduce the symptoms of hay fever and other allergies. Of course, I don’t recommend visiting your local park and eating any you find because this might just have the opposite impact. Instead, you can find organic dried nettle leaves for an affordable price.

Turmeric - Although this one might be a little surprising to see on this list, turmeric, or ‘The Golden Spice’, is a non-toxic herb commonly used as an antibiotic. Once you get hold of pure organic turmeric, it’ll help you to fight the symptoms of seasonal allergies. With this herb, you have a couple of ways to ingest with most choosing a little with water a couple of times each day. On the other hand, you could mix it in with your drink or food. Luckily, turmeric tastes delicious with many comparing it to orange and ginger (its plant actually belongs to the ginger family).

Goldenrod - For some reason, goldenrod seems to have a reputation for causing ragweed reactions when this simply isn't the case. Instead, it boasts antioxidant, antihistamine, and anti-inflammatory properties which all combine to help with your allergies.

Although the research on goldenrod is still fairly sparse, many herbalists believe the herb to thin and remove all excess mucus as well as congestion. Furthermore, it’s actually very simple to consume with most choosing to mix it into a tea; for best results, it should be used before the blossoms open. For even stronger results, try combining it with horehound!

Rosemary - Full to the brim with antioxidant properties and rosmarinic acid, rosemary has a strong flavour but you’ll certainly enjoy the benefits if allergies are getting the better of you this month. If you want to alter the flavour a little, simply soak the herb in vinegar. With a few sprigs, they’ll spruce up your meal nicely.

As you may or may not know, rosemary also treats digestion issues as well as poor circulation and joint pain so this herb’s help goes way beyond your allergies; rosemary should be in your diet all year round.

Summary - There they are, five of the best natural herbs you can use to treat your allergies this summer. With these simple additions, you can make the summer months more bearable both now and long into the future!


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