Beat Coughs and Colds this Autumn with 3 Powerful Superfoods

As we say goodbye to yet another summer, our attentions move from the pollen count to the common cold and all the other viruses that seem to go around as we head into autumn and winter. However, keeping these issues at bay is becoming harder and harder because bugs are finding ways of getting around antibiotics. Therefore, we seem to place a greater emphasis on our immune systems every year and today I want to talk about boosting this system naturally without the need for medication and various supplements.

As regular readers will know, I’m a big advocate of the alkaline diet and I’m trying to make information readily available regarding this lifestyle so everybody can see the many benefits that you can enjoy as a result of this simple change. In the Western diet, we eat acidic foods for fun and this leaves our bodies struggling; eating only alkaline foods will restore the balance and allow your body to stay healthy, encourage healing, and stave off coughs and colds in the winter. Today, I have three powerful superfoods you will want to try at this time of year!

Almond Nuts – To start, we’re going to choose a delicious food that people often forget belongs within the alkaline diet; almond nuts. Not only do almond nuts belong in this diet, they excel too and a study back in 2010 allowed us to learn how they improve the immune system when consumed. Thanks to researchers at the Institute of Food Research in Norwich, we know that almond nuts improve the ability of the immune system when fighting off viruses; including those that normally lead to the common cold and flu. With this in mind, they’ll make a fantastic addition to your diet in the coming months.

Cherry Tomatoes – As you may know, not all tomatoes are allowed on the alkaline diet but we can enjoy both cherry tomatoes and plum tomatoes. Today, I’m focusing on the former and this is because these juicy fruits (not a vegetable!) contain good levels of flavonols which is an antioxidant. Fighting free radicals and other harmful substances that can lead to serious issues such as cancer, cherry tomatoes will proactively improve the condition of your immune system thus making it harder for you to catch certain illnesses in the autumn and winter.

Papayas – Finally, there has been a lot of attention on papayas recently as we’ve moved away from the ‘standard’ fruits and vegetables and started to explore a little more. Therefore, we’ve learned that papayas can prevent arthritis, provide anti-inflammatory benefits, treat constipation, and regulate menstruation. However, it can also improve immunity.

According to research in Japan, there are important antioxidants in papayas and these will actively improve the immune system in all who choose to consume the superfood. In addition to this, papayas are a natural remedy for heart disease, atherosclerosis, and other conditions. In total, papayas boast over 210 amino acids which discourage acid reflux, improve digestion, and improve the immune system.

Conclusion – If you’re going to add three foods to your diet this year, make sure they’re these three superfoods. Over time, your immune system will be in a great position and you can enjoy the holidays without the sniffles or a full-on illness!


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