How to Look 10 Years Younger Using Coconut Oil

When it comes to natural ingredients, there aren't too many that attract as much attention as coconut oil in recent times. Over the years, I've really enjoyed learning about the many health benefits of the natural oil and I look forward to learning more as the scientific studies continue. However, for now, we know that it also has several uses alongside the health benefits. Today, I want to take you through the lesser-known benefits of coconut oil and why you should always have some available in your home!

Eyelash Treatment - If you wear makeup to work every day, this is a great one for you because you can remove makeup with coconut oil whilst also encouraging growth and improved health in your eyelashes. Before going to sleep, apply coconut oil to the eyelashes and you should have a solution for breakages and other issues that can occur over time. As you promote hair growth, your eyelashes will look fuller in no time.

Shaving Cream - Not only are commercial shaving creams expensive, they’re also normally packed to the brim with harsh chemicals that can be harmful for the skin. With coconut oil, you have a natural oil that soothes the skin before then hydrating it and leaving it smelling fantastic. Whether you use it for your legs or under the arms, I recommend taking it slowly the first time until you grow accustomed to this new way of shaving.

Hand Cream - As we've just seen, coconut oil is superb for soothing the skin so why not apply it as a hand cream? Just as you would with regular hand cream, apply it gently before then rubbing your hands together and allowing the cream to get into the cracks and crevices.

Cellulite Cream - If you have cellulite and you want to remove it fast, you should try utilizing coconut oil combined with honey. As you apply it before going to bed, it will get to work overnight and you can wash it off in the morning. After a few weeks of doing this, you should start to see results.

Varicose Veins - For the longest time, varicose veins have been a source of frustration for many people who experience these prominent veins sticking through. Luckily, there is a natural solution and it starts by massaging coconut oil into the affected area every single day. Without having to apply all sorts of chemicals, this solution should just fade the veins and make them less prominent.

Skin Nourishment - You can fight wrinkles whilst also nourishing your skin with coconut oil. To leave your skin feeling softer than ever, all you have to do is apply the natural oil to your skin and leave it to work overnight.

Cuticle Softener - Finally, you can soften those dry cuticles and leave them in a healthier condition after massaging your nails on a daily basis.

With these superb uses of coconut oil, and not forgetting the health benefits, I guarantee it’ll be in your shopping basket next week. In some of the solutions I've mentioned, you will need to apply the coconut oil consistently if you want to see real results. As a natural solution, you can leave your skin and body healthier without having to rely on chemical-laden products!


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