Vegan View: Weddings and Other Catered Events Can Be a Nightmare for Vegans

Embarking on a vegan lifestyle can be very exciting during the discovery process of trying new recipes and fun packaged food products. It can also feel extremely rewarding and peaceful to know you aren’t harming any animals to live your life. But while being a vegan can come with many positive aspects, it can also make some life events and social situations more challenging – like dealing with weddings and other catered events where food will be served, no matter if you are the guest or the one getting married. Many vegans and vegetarians often deal with horrible experiences when it comes to catering at events, especially weddings. These events can be stressful enough if you are the bride or groom, and it’s no help that most catering companies don’t seem to offer anything without meat, eggs and dairy. Sadly, when vegans ask these companies if they can make food without these ingredients, they are met with a big fat “NO.” It's obvious that catering companies have ignored vegans and vegetarians for far too long and unfortunately, there aren’t many vegan-friendly wedding caterers around. Until catering and food hall companies become more accommodating for vegan wedding clients, it’s important to be aware of problems that one may face on this lifestyle and to plan ahead.

So, what exactly is a vegan to do when they just want a cruelty-free, vegan caterer to serve their wedding and are having trouble finding one? Get creative and try to be patient. You may need to do some heavy online searching and ask around – a LOT. In online forums and blogs, plant-based eaters have shared their stories about trying to find catering or food halls for their wedding. One vegan bride said they just bypassed catering altogether and asked all the guests to bring some food with them. Another person hosted their reception at a vegetarian restaurant, were they rented out several tables. You could take this idea and even rent out the whole restaurant. A third idea is to consult allergy and special diet forums to ask for vegan, vegetarian catering and dairy-free companies, or those who will accommodate those with dietary restriction. Sometimes, recommendations from other vegans can make all the difference when you are trying to find alternatives for your vegan lifestyle. Vegan-friendly wedding caterers may be scarce, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a wedding with delicious vegan food!


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