Good Fats vs Bad Fats (What You Need To Know)

There are a lot of unhealthy oils you need to be aware of, those oils are vegetable oil, canola oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil...the list goes on. Basically, anything that says hydrogenated oil and labelled trans fats. Some of these fats used to be real fats, for instance a vegetable in its natural form is a good fat but with man's intervention, turned this into a bad fat by hydrogenating it.

High Heating Oils

Different oils have different heating thresholds, most oils that are heated change their molecular structure. So, we need to be careful, because we can take a good fat and turn it into a bad fat by heating it up and that process is called oxidation (see my blog on Oxidation; Cosmetic V's Natural Skincare). Oils can turn rancid also known as oxidation.

If you ever go to a fast food restaurant you may know these bad fats are present. It is important that you are getting the right fats and oils in your body, because every cell in your body is made up of fat. In order for us to be healthy we need good fats in our body.

Which Oils Should I Be Using?

Olive Oil: Organic Extra Virgin. It is not recommended we heat olive oil, because it will oxidise and become a bad fat. Any oils that smoke when heated shows that it is oxidising. Olive oil that is not cold pressed is typically a bad oil. It is a good source of Omega 9.

I use olive oil to make pesto or a herb salad dressing and sometimes simply drizzle over a salad or as a butter substitute on rye or spelt bread and rye crackers.

Grapeseed Oil: has a mild flavour, it's especially good if you like that olive oil flavour when cooking your food. It works better than olive oil with cooking because it has a high heat threshold. It will not oxidise and has similar properties to olive oil, as this is also an Omega 9 fat and is a monounsaturated fat.

Monounsaturated fats have a lot of good benefits for your joints, and good for balancing hormones. Grapeseed oil is one of my go-to's for cooking although I do variate oils for their benefits and the different flavours they add to my recipes..

Coconut Oil: A favourite of mine, and although demonised in the past, research now shows coconut oil is a primarily a saturated fat. The fat in coconut is called Lauric acid. It is known as a medium chain triglyceride, which is a medical term derived from fatty acids. Medium chain triglycerides is for dietary use in people whose bodies cannot digest certain foods properly. The wonderful thing about coconut oil is that it helps you lose weight by burning fat, most fats are 9 calories, coconut is 8 calories despite the myth that is it the fattiest oil.

When looking for a coconut oil make sure it is cold pressed unrefined. It is controversial, however, this oil is not to be heated on high temperatures as it becomes acidic to the body, preferably cold however. I use it to make body products for me and my family using coconut oil as one of the organic ingredients which has great antibacterial properties for my deodorant, having given up conventional sprays and roll on's 3 years ago. Another, thing to bear in mind when purchasing coconut oil is it should smell of coconut, odourless coconut oil has been treated with heat therefore acidic to the body and depleted in minerals it becomes a dead food.

Additionally Hemp Oil, Sesame seed oil and Avocado oil all with resounding benefits are great high heating oils. I would encourage you to research the vast benefits and start reading the labels you have at home on your salad dressings and get rid of anything that says hydrogenated oil, trans fats, vegetable oil, soy bean or corn oil or maize.

Replace them with good fats and you will feel much better for making those changes, for me the benefits have gone from being overweight with tired skin and asthmatic, to a much healthier weight for my height and form having gained the vitality of a woman in their 20's.

The better I feel the more energy I have and studies show longevity is ours if we care about what we put into our bodies.

Where do I buy these oils?

You can find all of these natural oils (and more) on Amazon:

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Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Raw Coconut oil

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