How To Beat That Sugar Habit and Shift Excess Weight Permanently

Sugar Detox Drinks

Instead of unhealthy sugary drinks, drink these detox waters and hot drinks. They will help you to improve the work of your metabolism.

Detox water: chop one of these: oranges, strawberries, blueberries or limes, including some fresh rosemary. Add them to a glass jar with water. Store it in a fridge and drink it daily.

Tea: consume unsweetened green or herbal tea 3 times per day.

If you drink a lot of coffee: you should avoid drinking more than 1 cup of black coffee without sugar per day. (I recommend quitting coffee in the future due to its acidity in the body. Later blog will show you how to quit caffeine addiction).

These tips really help to calm sugar cravings, so don’t wait to try it!

Secrets to permanent weight loss (Please note these are the same foods that fight disease and fat storage)

  • Eat a large green salad as your main dish at least once a day, with a healthy dressing.

  • Eat two ounces of nuts and seeds a day. Include walnuts and flax seeds.

  • Eat some beans every day, in a soup, chili or burger.

  • Eat a large serving of cooked green vegetables every day.

  • Eat one fresh fruit with on an empty stomach or with a salad.

Remember, you need to feed your cells with micro-nutrients from lots of healthy foods if you are going to get rid of food addictions, cravings, and chronic emotional overeating.


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