5 of the Best Alkaline Milks We should Be Talking About...here's why.

Hemp Seed Milk Hemp seed milk is a plant milk made from hemp seeds that are soaked and ground in water, yielding a nutty cream-flavoured milk.

Hemp seeds has a wide variety of health benefits, including their ability to boost skin and hair health, improve the immune system, build muscle mass, improve heart health, stimulate good digestion, build muscle mass, eliminate insomnia, treat anemia, aid in weight loss, stimulate metabolic activity, reduces symptoms of menopause and menstruation, build strong bones and balance the hormonal levels in the body.

Walnut Milk Walnut milk is made from soaked walnuts and has a rich and nutty flavor.

The health benefits of walnuts include its ability to reduce bad cholesterol, improve metabolism, control of diabetes, boost anti-inflammatory properties, aid in weight management, help as a mood booster.

Sesame Seed Milk Sesame seed milk is a rich source of plant-based calcium with a delicious, flavourful flavour, which is especially good for pregnant and nursing mothers.

Sesame seeds are extremely beneficial for health because they include the ability to increase heart health, help cure sleep disorders, improve digestion, reduce inflammation, boost respiratory health, prevent diabetes, lower blood pressure, build strong bones, protect against radiation, strengthen your oral health, aid in healthy growth, improve circulation, detoxify the body and is a chronic stress buster.

Brazil Nut Milk Brazil nut milk has a rich and creamy taste and is made from the Brazil nut, which is native to South America.

Some of the most impressive health benefits of Brazil nuts are their ability to balance hormone function, improve the immune system, boost male fertility, reduce the signs of aging, improve the digestive process, boost heart health, help with weight loss, aid in skin health, and help stimulate growth and repair.

Brazil nuts have the richest source of selenium (about 2,500 times more than any other nut). According to sources, just two raw to five Brazil nuts accounts for the daily requirement of selenium for humans. That being said, you may want to limit your intake of Brazil nut milk to maintain a proper selenium balance in your body.

Wild Rice Milk Wild rice milk is made from the wild rice grain.

Wild rice has great health benefits including its ability to improve heart health, slows the signs of aging, strengthens your bones, boosts your immune system, protects against chronic diseases, stimulate growth and repair throughout the body, prevents the onset of diabetes, optimizes the digestive process, and helps with weight loss efforts.


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