11 Powerful Body & Mind Benefits of Soursop Leaves

When making stock, soups, sauces, and stews herbs are a great way of adding flavour. Did you know that many herbs we drink as a tea for their beneficial properties can also be added to our dishes when cooking?

Here I've added soursop leaves, sage, and summer savoury herbs to my crock pot when cooking chic peas. Soursop leaves may seem like an odd addition, however I'm mindful when cooking my dishes to maintain good health and prevent illness and as soursop leaves are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, they can be used as an effective remedy for various health problems.

Here are a 11 helpful facts about the benefits of drinking soursop leaf tea...

1. Scientific studies show that soursop leaves have antimicrobial properties, antimalarial, antiparasidic and antivirus properties.

2. The hypoglycemic properties of the leaves can help regulate the blood sugar levels of a diabetic person.

3. The hypotensive properties found in the soursop leaf is said to be an effective alternative for people suffering with hypertension.

4. Soursop leaves contain at least 25% calcium which plays an integral part of keeping the bones strong and healthy.

5. Just like chocolate and other sugary foods soursop leaves can boost your mood naturally.

6. Soursop leaves can be an immediate and natural solution to calming nerves.

7. Thiamine can be found in soursop leaves. This essential vitamin converts the sugar in the human body into energy.

8. Soursop leaves contain potassium which prevents the development of muscle cramps.

9. A great amount of iron can be found in soursop leaves which can support people suffering with anemia.

10. Fibre is present in every soursop leaf to relieve constipation.

11. The niacin found in soursop leaves can help regulate cholesterol as well as boosting the good cholesterol.

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