Anti-Ageing Skincare Methods That Actually Work

I've been asked about my favorite type of anti-aging skincare and my solutions are very unusual, but they are extremely effective. I use thyme water to cleanse, and sea moss gel to plump the skin with minerals, to give it a smoother, clearer finish because you almost look airbrushed after using sea moss gel.

I also use natural emollients and I mainly stick to a combination of coconut oil and Shea butter.

Sometimes, I make thyme water using organic thyme. I'll add a cleansed, wash it off, douse it in a bit of water, and bicarbonate of soda. Even though it's organic, I like to rinse it just to get rid of any little pests that might be existing in the thyme as well as dust particles and dirt particles.

Once you've rinsed it off, add it to a pan of water. I use mineral water for the minerals and for the alkaline pH balance. Add the sprig of thyme to the water, bring it to a boil and once it's reached a boil, just simmer it for about one or two minutes and then let it stay, cover, and cool, then decant and put it in a bottle. You can also use it in your bathroom, in a cool bathroom cabinet, or from the fridge.

When you apply it to the face as a cleanser, it creates a lovely, soft, fresh feel. You can see and feel the visible difference.

The second thing I use for anti-aging, which is absolutely amazing, (it's the best thing ever) is Seamoss gel. Now, that does sound unusual, but sea moss gel has 92 minerals.

It plumps the skin. If you're using it topically, you just pry a thin film over your cleansed skin.

If you use a small amount of it, you can actually leave it on because what you'll find is that it will eliminate the lines from your skin. It will help with tired eyes, you'll feel the tightness from the gel, so it pulls the skin in. It creates tightness and smoothness, at which point, you would simply moisturize.

My moisturize go-to's are coconut oil and Shea Butter simply because coconut oil is very hydrating. It's great for the cells of the skin. It's replenishing and the shea butter acts as a great moisturizer and top layer barrier for the skin. So it also protects and it gives you a wonderful glow. If you follow those tips with cleansing, with thyme using your sea moss gel and then using your moisturizer, you will find that this is one of the best anti-aging tips you can find.

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