Can Eczema Get Worse in Heat?

Only if you have overexposure to the sun, it can cause a dry, prickly heat feeling, which is then going to irritate the skin and cause you to itch. Also, if you are based in a warmer climate and you're sweating, the skin is already sore and inflamed, so, it's going to sting through the sweat in the pores and where the lacerations and scratching have made the skin sore.

And then you're going to have a vicious cycle again of more itching. So being in a hot climate can actually make your skin more irritable and can affect eczema greatly. If you're wearing clothing that where your body's not able to breathe, which is why it's more advisable to wear clothing that's natural, where the skin can breathe so that you’re not going to sweat as much and the clothing is also going to absorb some of that moisture.

But equally, if you're in a colder climate you can experience severe dry skin. So you're on the opposite side of the spectrum. And what you can do is to try and hydrate the skin naturally.

Make sure, even in the colder climates, to drink plenty of water -- at least two litres a day. I manage this by having a 500 ml bottle of mineral water first thing in the morning when I wake up.

I may have this in a tea, or I may just have this as plain water at room temperature, which is easier to drink in the colder climates and then just build it up from there and have another 500 ml of water later on the day and so on, building up to at least two litres of water.

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