Can Eczema Go Away?

Now eczema will not go away on its own. A child can develop eczema and from a few months old up to three years old. In some cases it can subside -- into teens, it can start to disappear or become less chronic. But what we need to understand is eczema is an autoimmune disease. So what we need to do to help overcome eczema is to clean the gut.

We need to be eating fresh foods preferably organic, but more importantly, anti-inflammatory foods, which are whole foods, mainly plant-based foods, and eliminate the food triggers. And that would be fried, greasy foods, simple carbs, refined sugars, and eliminate the allergens like soy and wheat, dairy, eggs, and some nuts.

So by helping the gut along, by eliminating the triggers and also were affected by environmental issues. And we can find out whether we have any food sensitivities or whether we react to dust mites or other toxins, which may irritate our system and our skin's causing stress, which is another trigger. But eczema doesn't generally go away by itself. And it can reappear if we're eating badly. But if you educate yourself on eating well and boosting your immune system and taking care of the gut, you can always manage it.

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