Can You Suddenly Get Eczema?

You can develop eczema. It could be from lifestyle changes. It could be hormonal. It could be that we're not drinking enough water. It could be that we have food sensitivities that we may not be aware of and in some cases, it can be allergies.

Some people who've come to me at the late stages of their life and said that they'd developed eczema from nowhere. It's an autoimmune disease, which is important to know.

How we overcome that is to look after the gut and eat clean anti-inflammatory foods, which are your fresh fruits, your vegetables, and whole-food, plant-based diet. And that tends to help.

I have a group where I support people and I give information if anybody wants to join that group, to meet any type of health goals, whether it may be eczema, whether it may be some sort of common lifestyle illnesses or just reach a goal where you're eating cleaner and feeling better, you can join here: Eczema Support with Qualified Nutritionist Carol Fraser.

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