Can You Take Vitamin D to Help Eczema?

Yes, because vitamin D can actually help strengthen the skin barrier. It's very good for boosting the immune system and usually, people who are low in Vitamin D suffering from eczema can actually contract skin infections. The large part of where we get our vitamin D is from the sun and where we get the Vitamin D is through the exposure of our arms and our face mainly.

So if we're living in a cold climate, that can be quite difficult, although we can still get sunshine in the day, which we're exposed to through our face. But most of the time we're huddled away at home, out of the cold. And in the winter months, it tends to become darker, so there is less sunshine. So incorporating more Vitamin D into our diet through our foods is where we need to be looking at, and the highest form of Vitamin D is found in mushrooms.

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