Does Eczema Regress by Itself Without Treatment?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Eczema is an immune abnormality and it needs to be treated by healing from the gut. So whilst there are topical solutions that your GP or dermatologist may prescribe, that doesn't take care of the route cause.

In order to permanently treat eczema, it has to come from within by cleaning up the diet and eliminating certain trigger foods like dairy, nuts, wheat, gluten, and soya. If the trigger for the eczema is environmental, it could be dust mites, pets, and other allergies which are not always common among eczema sufferers. Every case is different and there is no one answer other than to take care of your diet and clean up the gut.

A cream may work well to suppress the symptoms and take care of the dryness but it is highly unlikely to act as a permanent cure to what is primarily a gut-related issue. There are however some very good creams that work well to speed up the process in conjunction with an eczema-friendly diet.

I highly recommend natural creams. In my daughter's case, I made a cream for her that she used to treat her eczema and it had worked better than anything we had bought off the shelf. It's 100% handmade, natural, and plant-based made at home in our kitchen. It didn't have a name back then, but it's now available in our shop as Dermazeam. My daughter used it to take away the scarring from her skin -- it cleared up the lacerations and the dryness, and it helped her to overcome eczema along with a plant-based diet.

This particular cream has Frankinsesne Essential oil which is scientifically proven to promote skin tissue repair cell regeneration. The additional Lavender Essential Oil was very cooling and calming on her skin.

So, that stopped the whole cycle of itching and breaking the skin, causing the skin to become inflamed, sore, and red. It stopped the opening up of the skin due to lacerations where she had been scratching constantly and sometimes getting infections.

Having Dermazeam helped to completely reduce all of the symptoms on the surface, and the real work to overcome her eczema came from within.

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