Foods to Avoid When You Have Eczema

What foods should you avoid when you have eczema? Fried greasy foods, processed foods, foods containing trigger allergens like soy, dairy, wheat, some nuts, and even gluten. But not all cases are the same because some people cannot handle spices and things like vanilla, some certain citrus fruits.

Now I have a theory on non-seeded fruits... when we're not eating seeded citrus fruits, we're not getting all the natural minerals and vitamins that that fruit provides. I mean, always speak to your GP, have the appropriate allergen tests done, but also it's important to understand that there are fruits and vegetables which are non-organic and can cause reactions from the pesticides and other toxins. So it may not always be down to the fruit itself, but it's always good to veer on the side of caution and seek proper medical advice.

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