How Can I Avoid Wrinkles?

Well, you need to reduce your exposure to the sun. But of course, if we're in a warm climate it's not simple to do that unless we're going to go around in big floppy hats and carry umbrellas.

So a natural way is to use raspberry seed oil. Raspberry seed oil is great as a natural SPF, which you can put into your skincare formulations. If you're using natural skincare, you can incorporate lots of antioxidants. And one of the best antioxidants I can recommend is hibiscus, which I use in my body creams, my skincare, and I'm going to start incorporating into the skincare that I put online.

Another way to avoid wrinkles is also to make sure you're well hydrated. We forget that we need to give our bodies water. And for an adult, we need to be consuming at least 2 litres a day. Now that may seem like a lot of water and my easy tip is to consume it by having a 500 ml bottle of water in the morning when I wake up.

If you're finding that hard to do, maybe slightly heat it or have it half as a herbal tea and then have the rest of the water on the way to work in your water bottle. So by then, you've had at least 500 ml before you consume the next 500 ml of water in the office or wherever you're going.

Then you could keep topping up until you reach at least two litres. That's going to help greatly when the skin is kept hydrated. Usually, when we're using these harsh chemicals to eliminate lines and wrinkles, it can actually cause more harm than good. And if you haven't seen my video, 'What the Health Next' please watch this, it will open your eyes as to what we're putting on our skin.

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