How Soon Can I See Results from My Skincare?

Updated: Feb 25

It depends on the type of skincare you're using but I would recommend natural skincare. If you haven't already seen What The Health Next do watch it as it will give you lots of inside information on the differences between natural products vs the conventional products that we see in our beauty stores.

When you use natural products, you will usually get instant visible results within a 2-week period. Your skin will start to improve if you have dry areas on the skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, or aging skin simply by using natural, pure ingredients that I use in my natural skincare products.

One particular type of natural skincare I make is Dermazeam, and it's particularly good at reducing dark marks on the skin from blemishes, uneven skin tone, and it's fantastic for tackling eczema. My daughter had eczema, and I was looking for a natural solution to give her some relief, and by combining coconut oil and shea butter with 2 therapeutic essential oils (one for repair and one for soothing).

I was able to help her overcome the symptoms and itching which stopped the cycle of breaking the skin, inflammation, and infection, and then having to use steroids.

By using natural ingredients she was able to control the symptoms almost instantaneously and within a 2-week period, you could see the visible difference. The inflammation had calmed down and during week 3-4 we saw the marks fading away.

Now, let's talk about the ingredients that are easily accessible. We can obtain things like tyme, and natural, organic tyme is the best for the skin as it is anti-bacterial and can give you instant results.

I make it into a tyme water cleanser by cleansing the organic tyme -- I have a bowl of water with a tablespoon of bicarbonate water. I give it a rinse in there before I then rinse it with mineral water again, and then I add it to a pan containing 500ml of mineral water. I bring it to the boil and allow it to simmer for 1-2 minutes. I keep the lid on so that all those lovely properties are enthused in the water, and then once it's cooled, I decant it into a glass jar and keep it in the fridge or in my bathroom cabinet where it's remains cool and lasts up to a couple of weeks.

Applying that to the skin is very good for giving you instantaneously smoother, glowing skin. It actually works, and not only does it deep cleanse, but it also gets rid of makeup (including waterproof eye makeup).

Another natural method that will give you instantaneous results is using Caribbean Seamoss as a facial gel. Apply a thin layer and leave it for 15-20 minutes and allow it to dry, or you can simply leave it on -- what you will feel and see is amazing... your skin begins to tighten, it's not an uncomfortable feeling but rather soothing and relaxing. It's great if you have blemishes, acne, eczema-prone skin, or psoriasis.

It's not drying in any way and it also gives you a wonderful glow like your skin has been airbrushed as it plumps the skin and eliminates fine lines.

Afterward, you should just apply your moisturizer. I tend to use coconut oil and shea butter for their wonderful properties of hydration and as a natural skin barrier that again gives you a natural healthy glow.

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