How To Reverse Facial Eczema & Skin Flare-ups

Updated: Feb 25

Over the holiday period, my daughter suffered a ferocious eczema break out on her face due to an acute stress reaction. Thankfully, the Dermazeam cream helped to reverse the symptoms as I had no control over her diet during her hospital admission.

I used to make this formula for her when she had childhood flare-ups because it helped to stop her itching, which in turn prevented the lacerations appearing on her skin, enabling her to recover and eliminate infection from occurring -- and the best thing for her was seeing the dark scars over her body disappear.

The backstory here is, my daughter, now in her early 20's left home, began studies and started a new job all around the same period, and consuming a typical student diet certainly didn't help!

But the good news is; she has recovered from a recent admission and is mindful again of what she is putting inside and outside her body.

The Dermazeam has done amazingly well with just 3 days use, it calmed this terrible flare-up you can see in the pic below.

Now that's what I call plant power 🌿💚

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