Is Eczema Triggered by Heat

If you're in a hot climate and you're sweating, it can cause irritation on the skin. It will cause a sweat to go into the pores especially where you may have lacerations or where you've been itching and cause a lot of irritation. It can also be caused by the type of clothing that you're wearing, which may irritate the body or make you feel warmer. You can be affected by prickly heat as well. But equally in a colder climate, the skin can become quite dry, which can induce itching as well.

So when you're sweating or you have dry skin and you're scratching at the skin and you've got that cycle of breaking the skin and the skin becoming more inflamed and you're then prone to infections as well.

I have one tip that can act as a natural soothing agent -- the ingredients are organic thyme and it's important to use organic thyme because of the pesticides and chemicals that can be contained in herb's if they're not grown organically. The second ingredient is lavender oil. And what you do is to provide, to create thyme water using your organic thyme, cleanse your thyme. And what I tend to do is to use 500 ml of mineral water to one tablespoon of bicarbonate soda and give it a rinse. Because although it's organic, we still want to eliminate any dirt or any bugs that may be in the thyme.

Once you've cleansed it with the bicarbonate of soda water, then give it another quick rinse in your mineral water. I add a sprig of thyme to a pan of 500 mils of mineral water, bring it to the boil and then allow it to simmer for one to two minutes.

Keep the lid on so that you're infusing all those wonderful properties in the water and then allow it to cool after simmering. Then you can decant it and add it to a glass jar, a spray bottle and you can then add in a few drops of lavender.

So, let's say you're using about 500 ml of mineral water in this case, it's going to reduce a little so you can top up again with mineral water. Add it to your spray can or your bottle, and then to that, you would add about three to five drops of lavender oil. Give it a good shake.

Use it as a spray mist over your body to alleviate and cool down the itching and inflammation.

What the lavender oil does is act as an antibacterial agent, so it will help to repair the skin and cleanse the skin. The thyme is antibacterial also, and it is not drying. It is in line with our pH balance. So it doesn't dry and tighten the skin. And it's a great natural alternative to using medications and other traditional skin care that you're prescribed for eczema skins -- providing natural and calming relief.

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