The Homemade Remedy for Eczema & Dark Spots - A Brief History of Dermazeam

Updated: May 22

My daughter, Christina is the inspiration behind Carol’s Organic Kitchen and we’ve been on an amazing journey together.

Demazeam was created when my daughter suffered terribly from eczema. At home in my kitchen, I combined shea butter, coconut oil, and lavender and much later; frankincense essential oil for its healing and repair properties.

Christina (my daughter) is doing so much better and seeing her coming leaps and bounds reminds me why I do what I do.

She’s the reason I do this, and why I’m so passionate about finding a solution for people like her, and parents like me.

Christina’s Eczema

Christina had a really dark neck and a dry, scaly back that was almost leathery-looking, and she had dark marks in the flexures of her arms and the back of her knees. They were very dry and sore with scaly, cracked skin.

When using the cream and eating clean, you can rapidly speed up the process of healing, but even for the people who are not eating clean, the cream is getting results in terms of regressing the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, folliculitis, dry skin conditions, and more.

For my daughter, the Dermazeam cream had begun to take away all of those unsightly marks on her body but what was truly remarkable was she had stopped itching thanks to the combination of these ingredients. Particularly with the Lavender which was soothing, it stopped her from scratching and causing that cycle of breaking the skin, which then causes infection, which as a result causes more flare-ups, so she was able to heal.

Christina is a living testimony of what changing our lifestyle and our diets can do for us in terms of physical and mental health - because it’s not always something you can see, it’s not like a broken arm or leg.

My daughter has been an amazing driving force behind Carol’s Organic Kitchen... she’s a talented videographer, photographer, filmmaker, and if it wasn’t for her and my son who helped me to build Carol’s Organic Kitchen as a business to share this with you - I probably wouldn't be here today.

Kaleb’s Neck Scarring

Years after using the cream on Christina, a mother came to me wanting to use my cream for her dry, hard hands - we were having a conversation about what my cream has done for my daughter. Her son, a 10-year-old boy called Kaleb had overheard our conversation and thought to himself that perhaps this could solve his problem too.

At that time, Dermazeam didn’t have a name, I would typically describe it as handmade body butter that conditions the skin and also fades marks… Kaleb at the time had quite a significant and prominent mark on his neck that was highly pigmented.

When Kaleb would play football in the summer, people would come up to him when he was playing and ask “what’s that on your neck?" He says that these experiences made him feel self-conscious and he had hoped that the Dermazeam cream would get rid of the marks caused by ringworm for good.

Thankfully the cream worked wonders for him and after a couple of days of use, the dark area was fading, and on the 5th day it had completely gone.

I had to visit Kaleb and his mum that day because I couldn’t believe it, myself. What a short turnaround! We’re often led to believe that natural solutions are slow to act or weak in application when it comes to treating such issues, but far from it - Kaleb’s story isn’t unique, and there are many others just like him who experienced a fast and effective turnaround.

Kaleb is now extremely happy and his mother tells me that he is a lot more confident in his own skin. I was so pleased for him because he would cover it up when he was playing football. People would ask him all the time what it was and he was very self-conscious. He was only 10 years old so you can imagine how pleased I am for him.

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