Naturally Eliminate Cold and Flu Symptoms 'within 48 hours'

It's that time of the year again where we need to protect our immune system from falling prey to sickness. If you’re one of those susceptible to colds and flu, then Elderberry could be the ideal solution for you!

Elderberry Can Totally Eliminate Cold and Flu Symptoms 'within 48 hours'

The ripe berries like cranberries can taste tart so are often sweetened (I use agave syrup to sweeten). The black elder (Sambucus Nigra) is the species most often used in supplements, however other species that produce dark berries contain anthocyanins.

The flowers of the European elder, known as elderflower are used to make elderflower cordial.

Note: Agave syrup is a phytonutrient, a large cactus-like plant found in Mexico. It is lower on the Glycemic Index than sugar and will not spike the blood like refined sugars.


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