A Rare Skincare Beauty Tip

Updated: May 22

What are some rare skincare beauty tips that I know? Well, I have a very unusual skincare tip and that is using sea moss externally. Now, people may know it as Irish sea moss or simply sea moss -- it's part of the Chondro Crispus variety of sea plants.

Irish Sea Moss

It's typically like seaweed, but it has a thicker vein. I have a video where I show you how to prepare the Caribbean and Irish sea moss but they are pretty much the same in terms of their mineral content -- they're just derived from different regions.

Once you prepare it and it's formed into a gel, you can actually apply it to the face.

Our skin is our largest organ. It absorbs what we put on it. So when you're applying the gel to your face, you only need a thin layer, you're getting an injection. A boost of minerals. It plumps the skin, it makes the skin look smoother, it gives a healthy glow, and it's one of the best tips that I can offer you as a very unconventional type of beauty tip.

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