Service Update: Why We're Reforming Our Packaging

It’s the first week of January 2021 so I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year on behalf of Carol’s Organic Kitchen. Today, we want to talk to you about a change that we’re making to our product packaging.

If you're a customer, you’ll know that we usually use glass jars for our cosmetic products. This month you may notice that we're replacing our glassware with PET cosmetic containers and I do not want you to think we have taken advantage of you -- We love the glass jars, but they are no longer sustainable for us to use with our natural products.

How Glass Affects Our Products in Hot Climates

Glass absorbs and retains heat, and during the intensely hot weather last summer this was a challenge for us because we use virgin coconut oil in many of our products.

Coconut oil stays solid at room temperature but if kept in intense heat for too long, it begins to melt and that changes the texture of our natural creams into a liquid consistency that is not practical for application.

We've Listened to Your Feedback

Last summer, some customers told us that their Dermazeam creams were turning into a liquid because of the extreme heat. We noticed this too because we use the creams ourselves.

We addressed this at the time by introducing a new Dermazeam Velvet which has a naturally heat resistant formula. It's been a hit with a lot of our customers but many people still prefer the original Dermazeam Skin Renewing Cream which has a fluffier and lighter consistency.

Although we love the look and feel of the glass jars, it doesn’t make sense to tamper with a working formula, just to accommodate the glass jars. Over the coming months we’ll be introducing new recyclable PET plastic containers. The PET jars will better protect our products from hot weather and breakages.

Safety for Children and Adults

We know a lot of children use our products and our PET containers will be a lot safer to handle than the glass ones. Especially when used as part of your bathroom routine where you’re likely to have wet hands and slippery surfaces.

Environmental Benefits

Thanks to this change we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint due to less damages, less deliveries (due to fewer replacements), and less protective packaging used for shipments containing glassware. The result of this is a much more reliable and predictable service so you can shop with confidence in 2021.


We’re constantly striving to improve and make your life easier.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this change feel free to comment (below) or email us via

In your service,

Anthony Fraser

Director of Operations

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