The Most Important Skincare Tips

What are the most important tips for everyday skincare life?

Well, first of all, a cleansing routine, moisturizing, exfoliation, but don't overdo it. Use something that gives the skin a great injection of natural collagen that can plump the skin and leave the skin glowing.

I'll tell you a little bit about those in a moment, but one thing we overlook is to protect the skin by using an SPF. A natural SPF is grape seed oil, which we can add into our skincare and that protects the skin from sun rays.

The other things I mentioned in terms of cleansing, I use organic thyme, which is simply the herb itself. After washing it, I add it to a pan of water, a sprig with 500 ml of mineral water. I boil it and then reduce it to a simmer for one to two minutes. Let it cool decant into a glass bottle and use it as a natural cleanser.

Now the plumping of the skin and giving that lovely glow and tightening the pores and you'll feel that instantaneous results and you will look amazing is sea moss gel. When you apply a thin layer of the gel, after cleansing, you will feel the skin start to tighten, the pores will reduce, you will see the lines eliminated, your skin looks plumper and it glows. Then, of course, you should moisturize with an emollient.

I always recommend natural emollients and my go-to's are coconut oil for hydration and the Shea butter for the natural glow and the skin protection properties of the Shea butter itself.

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