What Are The Most Common Causes of Eczema?

Updated: Feb 25

Eczema can come from a number of things... it can come from family genetics, lifestyle practices, your environment, stress, allergies, or even food sensitivities.

So, when I mention lifestyle practices, that can mean the types of foods that you're eating. If it's an environmental issue, it could be allergies to dust, pets, or pollen for example.

Another common cause of Eczema is family genetics where perhaps one of two parents have eczema, and then the child would have a 50% chance of developing eczema.

If both parents suffer from eczema, the likelihood of the child developing eczema would, of course, be greatly increased. However, one of the topics not spoken about often enough is immunity, meaning Eczema is not a disease it's an immune abnormality.

In the case of Eczema, the body has an abnormal immune system and in order to address that, we need to clean the gut, and that can only be done by following a clean diet. Now it's not just any typical 'clean eating' diet that you can follow for a week or two and you'll be cured... it does require that you follow a consistent clean wholefoods diet and mainly plant-based foods.

Why plant-based foods?

Organic plant-based foods would be most suitable because they haven't got pesticides and toxins which in the case of eczema is more ideal for your body. However, we can't always veer towards organic because it may not always be available, or in some cases, people find that it's out of their budget range. So, instead, we go for plant-based foods with thick skin like mangos, bananas, squash, and avocado.

Try also to aim for dark leafy greens, these are anti-inflammatory type foods, and they will help to alleviate the inflammation on the skin. When we become inflamed, we get the soreness and the itching which then breaks the skin and causes the cycle of inflammation, flare-ups, and infection.

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