What Does Pure Mean When It Comes to Skincare?

Updated: May 22

If you've seen my workshop called What The Health Next, you'll know exactly why it's important to use pure skincare, and here are just a few short examples...

Petroleum jelly is largely used in conventional products from baby skincare to our makeup. Now, petroleum jelly is a derivative of oil that is mined on oil rigs. And this oil residue is used to put in our skincare and our makeup. It seems like an innocent ingredient, but it's known to cause irritation to the skin and it's quite heavy, which is bad news for people suffering from eczema and sensitive skin conditions. It can cause more irritation and it's extremely heavy. It can also block the pores, which is bad news for anyone suffering from acne or blemish outbreaks.

Our skin is our largest organ and what we're putting on our skin is absorbed. A lot of things are labeled as natural, but not all things labeled as natural are made equal. Sometimes preservatives and other man-made chemicals are added to alter the commercial viability of the product. However, my focus is on what works quickly and effectively with 100% natural ingredients because they tend to be the and the most effective and the most healthy for us.

Top Facial Skincare:

Every day we cleanse the skin and there are antibacterial herbs like thyme that can be used externally on our skin. It's great to use as thyme water because it's in line with the pH balance of our skin. It's wholly pure and it's important that it's organic so that you're not getting any pesticides or any type of chemicals when using it.

All you would do is wash your thyme. What I tend to do is have a bowl of water with about a tablespoon of bicarbonate soda to 500 ml of water. I wash my bunch of thyme and then rinse through again with water.

Next, put it in a pan with 500 ml of mineral water for the additional mineral content. Ideally it would be natural and has a pH balance, which is conducive with our own natural pH of 7.35 to 7.45. And if you're buying mineral water, make sure it's at least a pH seven.

So when you've added your sprig of time to a pan of water, 500 mils of mineral water, you bring it to the boil and quickly reduce it to a simmer for about one to two minutes.

Once it's cooled and I'd keep the lid on as well whilst it's cooling, just so that all those wonderful natural properties are steamed into the water. And then what you would do is what's it's cooled, just simply use it as a natural cleanser on the skin and you can decant it straight into a bottle. Leave it in your fridge or in a bathroom cabinet where the bathroom's nice and cool and use that to cleanse the skin and you will see and feel the visible difference.

With your skin being able to absorb what you're using, you should try and veer more towards natural, especially if your skin is vulnerable. Natural means fewer outbreaks, and less problematic skin.

Watch the video below for more information on conventional skincare ingredients.


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