What’s a Natural Way to Cleanse Sensitive Skin

My biggest tip is thyme water and that's natural organic thyme, which you can use a cleansed sprig, just wash it off in some water just to remove any dust, dirt. And then take a sprig and add it to a pan or 500 mils of mineral water simply because of the minerals and the pH balance of the mineral water, if it's at a seven, which is more conducive to our pH body levels.

Let it simmer for about one to two minutes and leave it to steep until it's cool.

And then you could use a cotton pad to cleanse the skin, decant it, leave it in the fridge or keep it in a cool bathroom cabinet.

That is a very good method for sensitive skin and keeping the skin cleansed. It doesn't leave the skin tight and dry, so, therefore, you're not going to be prone to irritation and breakouts. But make sure you watch that video, "What the Health Next", and get more information and understanding on how you can best care for your skin. Not just sensitive skin, but that information is going to be great for all types of skin overall.

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