What The Health Next? Natural Skincare Workshop Recap - Part One

What the big cosmetic brands don't want you to know... What The Health Next was a make your own natural skincare workshop hosted in London, October 2019 -

In this video, Carol Fraser, Founder of Carol's Organic Kitchen and host of What The Health Next reveals some shocking truths about the the products we apply routinely to our skin, and shows how natural plant-based alternatives can also deliver fast and effective results.

Here are 3 common ingredients found in out skin products...


We learned that applying natural ingredients when caring for our skin is also a form of illness prevention. Remember, the study I mentioned on women with tumors who were found with 5 different parabens in their breast tissue?

"These studies demonstrate that parabens can be found intact in the human breast and this should open the way technically for more detailed information to be obtained on body burdens of parabens and in particular whether body burdens are different in cancer from those in normal tissues" - Reference

Sodium Laurl/Laureth Sulphate - SLS

We also learned that the foaming agent Sodium Laural Sulphate, also known as SLS, (and it can be sneakily disguised under different names too) an added agent that makes your shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste and cleaning products foam. We’ve been conditioned to think that foam = clean, but that’s just not true.

Not only does SLS cause the potential risk of irritation and allergic reactions it also contaminates our sea affecting our sea life. Just think how much of the stuff we must wash down the plughole every day! Here is an article from Livestrong on the dangers of SLS -


Petro ingredients including mineral oil

Last but no means the least, I shared during our 'What The Health Next' talk a report found on PubMed UK, whereby a study, reported “mineral oil contamination.”

Researchers stated, “There is strong evidence that mineral oil is the greatest contaminant of the human body. Possible routes of contamination include dermal [skin] absorption” -Reference

Watch the video to recap on these 3 common ingredients found in our body products,

and more importantly learn what natural solutions you can use as healthy alternatives.

Best wishes 🌿

Carol Organic

P.s. if you didn't already know the day of the event was my official natural skincare solutions launch! Your fantastic support helps us to bring you more free informative workshops and news updates like these, simply click here to browse our skincare range.


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