Why I Don't Use Yeast in My Cooking

Updated: Feb 25

I do not use yeast in my cooking and was recently asked why. Here are my reasons and a few alternatives you can try. Yeast resembles gluten, which can trick your body into launching an immune reaction. Yeast is a fungus that resembles mold, therefore someone with a mold allergy could have a reaction. Cramping and other GI problems can result for these people.

Yeast is used to thicken and stabilize foods, hence it is hidden in many foods people are unaware of. High in glutamate (MSG), which can create mild addiction, itching, gas, and other symptoms found in some people who eat yeast. People like to add yeast to trigger foods like popcorn, which encourages overeating.

So what are my alternatives as a Raising agent?

  • Sparkling mineral water

  • Sea moss

  • Aquafaba

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